Are you just getting started with your fitness goals?

The thought of starting an exercise program without any assistance can be intimidating. Trying to teach yourself how to use all the equipment can be so confusing. Let Fitness 1-2-1 teach how to exercise safely and effectively. Your personal trainer will provide you with enough guidance, motivation, and education to ensure you establish healthy and effective patterns right from the beginning.

Looking to transform your fitness?

Our elite fitness coaches will change your body. We use a hybrid mix of

resistance training and conditioning exercises to build muscle, burn fat,

and reshape your body.

Having difficulty sticking to a fitness program?

You're not alone! Almost 80% of people discontinue a fitness program after

2-3 months.  But this time, things are going to be different. We can help you

adhere to your program consistently.  When you schedule an appointment at Fitness 121, you make a commitment to yourself - a commitment we share and won't let you break.